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China's ambition is a chance to reunite Vietnamese


As Red China is increasingly approaching its ambitious goal of controlling the whole Eastern Sea of Vietnam, which is also called "South China Sea", it has caused waves of protests among Vietnamese inside the country and overseas as well. The ambition of China eventually helps reunite Vietnamese to protect their fatherland from invasions.

The world would understand China's needs of natural resources for its economic developments. However, it should respect the sovereignty of its neighbor countries as well as all related international laws and rules. 


Tensions have risen in the East Coast of Vietnam in late May 2011 after the incidence which Chinese's ships cut survey cables of a ship operated by Vietnam Oil & Gas Group, or PetroVietnam.

China has again turned Vietnamese into a strong anti-China sentiment as it was once formed during the Chinese invasion of Northern Vietnam borders in 1979; and in December 2007 when China announced its sovereignty over Vietnam's Eastern Sea.

Vietnam has long history fighting against many Chinese dynasties from invasions. However, since the two countries share a thousand miles of border and several aspects of culture, Vietnamese people still consider that true friendship between two people is a must. Thus, a strong anti-China sentiment within Vietnamese people is not benefiting China whatsoever since it would create a boycott of Chinese goods in Vietnam and among several overseas communities as well. The unfriendly atmosphere also drives Vietnamese to a stronger friendship with other countries that might not have different policy forwarding China.

Most of all, the Chinese seems trying to forget that China's economic development has been depending on the world consumptions of Chinese goods and labor, especially United States of America. Any wrong move from the China would cause a worldwide boycotting of China and its goods. This would be a disaster to Chinese's economy, leading to weaken China's power as well.

In 1979, Vietnam had a strong desire of defending its country and people against a huge wage of invasion that the Chinese had promised to turn Vietnam into a "meat grinder". Both countries were suffered with heavy human casualties and damages but by the view of anti-invasion, Vietnam did win the war against its giant neighbor.

Nowadays, Vietnam has gained its strength and still ready for another fight if there is no other choice. The overseas Vietnamese people are also put their differences in political campaigns to join with their native fellows inside the country.

Most of all, the Chinese ambition of invading Vietnam's territories has helped all Vietnamese be united for a same cause. It will serve the fight to protect Vietnam's sovereignty. It would also create an understanding among the people who are long desired for a political change in Vietnam.

The threat of being invaded by Chinese would be a perfect chance for various political trends to unite and for a move to build a Vietnam with true democracy and freedom.

Nguyen CongBang

Secretary General of VNPP